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Safe Deposit Boxes
& Off-Site Secure Document Storage

Protect your Irreplaceables from Fire, Theft, or Natural Disasters

It use to be that off-site document storage was impractical due to the size and amount of boxes needed to store paper copies. Now entire file cabinets can be stored on just a few CD's or tape back-ups. That is why numerous businesses are returning to their bank's Safe Deposit Boxes for secure storage of vital company documents and data.

With rates from $20.00 to $40.00 per year, off-site secure storage is one of the least expensive insurances against vital data loss you can purchase.

Storage Box Rates

14" x 5" x 5" $ 20.00 per year
14" x 5" x 11" $ 30.00 per year
21" x 3" x 5" $ 20.00 per year
21" x 5" x 5" $ 25.00 per year
21" x 3" x 11" $ 35.00 per year
21" x 5" x 11" $ 40.00 per year

Other Charges: Drill Box if keys are lost $ 100.00, and $10.00 each to replace lost keys.

Rates are current as of December 31, 2014 and are subject to change. See Park Bank for complete details.

PLEASE NOTE: Safe Deposit Boxes are not an FDIC insured product