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Mobile Deposit is our secure, easy way to deposit checks from your Park Bank android or iOS app. It's convenient and it gets your money into your account faster than waiting until you can get to the bank.

How do I start using Mobile Deposit?
You must have our Park Bank mobile app. You can request enrollment for Mobile Deposit by clicking on the Mobile Deposit icon inside the mobile app. Your accounts must be in good standing before a mobile deposit enrollment will be approved.  Once your enrollment has been approved, the features will become available in your app.

What kind of checks can I deposit?
Most checks under our daily and per check limits can be deposited via Mobile Deposit. Currently we have a limit of $2,500 per item, up to $5,000 per day. Oversized checks, as well as faded or damaged checks may not transmit.

What do I do with the checks after I deposit them via Mobile Deposit?
After you see the confirmation message that the deposit was successful, YOU MUST WRITE MOBILE DEPOSIT ON [todays date] on the front of the check. Then, hold the check for at least five days in a safe place. You should securely destroy the check after that, or bring it to the bank to be destroyed.

Mobile Deposit

How long does it take for a mobile deposit check to show on my account?
Mobile deposited checks have to be processed by the bank personnel, so it will show up on your account during bank business hours once bank staff have reviewed and processed the deposit.

What if my deposit doesn’t show up on my account?
If you deposit a check via Mobile Deposit, the app confirms that the deposit was successful, but if the check does not show up by the next business day, call the bank. You will be instructed to either try again, or bring the check to a bank office.

What if I deposit a check that was already deposited via Mobile Deposit?
If you attempt to deposit a check twice, our system will reject the second item. Duplicate item fees may apply.

Is there a charge for using Mobile Deposit?
No, there is no monthly or per item charge for depositing checks via Mobile Deposit.

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