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Locations, Contacts, and Hours
Locations, Contacts, and Hours
Locations, Contacts, and Hours
Locations, Contacts, and Hours
Park Bank
Lost or Stolen Card

Park Bank

Lost or Stolen Credit Card

If you have lost or know that your credit card was stolen, time is of the essence. You should call immediately.  Below is a list of those important numbers.  We encourage you to put these numbers in your cell phone so they are easy to find when you need them.


List in your cell phone as


“My card or ID was stolen, now what”

If you know your card was stolen, or discover unauthorized charges on your credit, you should take the following steps;

Step 1: CALL IT IN. You need to call the La Crosse Office or the 24 hour numbers above to immediately stop any future fraudulent activity. The amount you may be held liable for will depend greatly on the timing of your reporting.

If you called in your lost or stolen card to the 1-800 number, please still call the bank at 608-782-2265 during regular business hours. We will confirm the block and then verify any transactions or authorizations on the account. Again, timing is of the essence, so call immediately.

Step 2: DISPUTE ANY UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES. If we find any charges which you did not authorized posted to your account, we will complete the dispute paperwork for you.

Step 3: PROVISIONAL CREDIT. While waiting for the dispute to be processed, we will issue a provisional credit to temporarily replace the funds taken by the unauthorized charges.


Tips to help protect my Credit/Debit Accounts

  • Keep your cards safe.  Don't leave them in insecure places or unattended.
  • When you use your card, always keep it in sight.  If a restaurant takes your card, keep your wallet or purse in your hands until the card is returned.  Never set your card down on a counter or table.  Have it out when in use only, and put it back in your wallet or purse immediately when finished.
  • Never give your card number out over the phone or on the internet unless you know who you are dealing with.  There are thousands of fake retailers on the internet set up specifically to steal credit/debit card information.  At the point at which they ask for your card number STOP and think about if it is legitimate.  If you have any questions, ask for a phone number so you can call them back.  Fraudsters will either hang up, or try to talk you out of it.
  • If you will be traveling, notify the bank.  We can make note on your file regarding where you will be.  This can help prevent a block on your account for "non-normal" activity.
  • Also, keep the bank informed if you change phone numbers, especially your cell phone number.  If we get a fraud alert, it is important that we get in touch with you as soon as possible.